Monday , May 21 2018

About Us



Alwaha Radio is the leading Arabic Radio in Malaysia that broadcasts its programs fully in Arabic language. It is established in March 15, 2016, based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, due to the fact that many Arab communities reside in Malaysia. The Radio also targeted Malaysians and other nations who are in love with Arabic language.

This radio is registered in Malaysia as part of business activities of Al-Raiby Trading & Services Sdn Bhd (1024125-V).

In its communication and media dimension, the radio aims to highlight the diversity and richness that characterizes both Malaysian and Arabic cultures, to form thereby an open window into the treasures of culture and language, which ensure quality media services for those interested and concerned with the Arabic language in Malaysia and abroad.

Alwaha Radio is making a big effort to attract wider listeners, through responding to the need of the masses who love Arabic language in Malaysia, the Arab world and the whole world. The Radio has been presenting various programs, reports and coverage in entertainment, art, tourism, social, intellectual, moral, economic, and investment, as well as the daily newscast.


– Building bridges of communication and bonding between the Arab and Malaysian cultures.

– Strengthening economic and investment interconnection between the Arab world and Malaysia.

– Promoting tourism and education in Malaysia and the Arab world.


Consolidating the bonds of love, peace and communication between nations.


Dissemination of Arab culture all over the world.